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January 06, 2009



Butt Paste @ Walmart or Target, but this sounds like a yeast infection, which is pinkish red in color. The length of time makes me think so. Call your pedi for an appointment because the first yeast infection has to be seen to determine, good luck.


a yeast infection sounds like a good guess, but i've never seen one. the only other thing i can think of is a possible food reaction - have you been eating something different, or have you introduced a new solid food to her recently? (our ped is quick to attribute a lot of rashes to food allergies)


I agree that it sounds like yeast. If it's just a regular rash, I would add corn starch or something like that after the cream. Noah always responded well to that. :)


if it's not a yeast infection, I would use destin night time--it's the only thing that's ever worked for us.


may be a yeast infection, yes. I would try creams, a and e or a zinc based cream. The burts bees cream always worked best for us.
my son always did well in cloth, but got horrible horrible rashes from disposables, especially the "gel" kind. A cloth diaper with a fleece cover, or a vented cover should keep it cool enough in there to help, keeping loads of butt cream on should help protect. Also a fleece diaper insert helps keep them dry - you just put a piece of fleece in the diaper between the cloth (or disposable) diaper and the baby. Poop will stick in it, but pee will go through.

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